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The information on usage of WISERD metadata, data and data from other external sources is available here.


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For queries on using the DataPortal please email: (at)

Scott Orford, Project PI : OrfordS (at)

Ian Harvey, Lead Software Engineer/ Developer: HarveyIC (at)

Sam Jones, Research Data Officer: JonesS97 (at)

Katie Dickson, Data Technician: DicksonC5 (at)


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Change Log

Below is a Change Log for all the major additions made to the codebase. Many details have been left out, and it can be assumed that every item can contain:

  • Code refactoring
  • CSS changes
  • Bugfixing
  • Minor changes to the overall look-and-feel of the site.

Additionally, not mentioned are all the false starts, broken features and long rabbit holes traversed in order to experiment with new functions and features. Thus, any long breaks can assumed to be time spent discovering what the DataPortal may be able to do in future, which may or may not ever come to fruition.

For those who are interested in the precise changes in code over time, please see the GitHub commit log here.


15 November 2016

  • Mapping local metadata to remote data sources.


7 November 2016

  • MapMyData Unitary Authority option


31 October 2016

  • Civil Society page.
  • WISERD Education page
  • Tidy up for multiple presentations (National Assembly for Wales, WISERD Away Days and the ESRC Festival of Social Science)


17 October 2016

  • Usablility tracking added to DB


27 September 2016

  • Updating packages to work with Django 1.8
  • User guide styling
  • Tools to aid question ordering connections.
  • Rosetta added to Django to aid translation service data input.


15 September 2016

  • Updating codebase from Django 1.8 to 1.9. This gives us access to JSONP fields in PostgreSQL which makes response tables far easier to work with.
  • Response tables
  • Many more help file screenshots


02 August 2016

  • Dublin core fully using DRF API
  • GUI tidy up
  • Help pages, support popups,


15 June 2016

  • StatsWales mapping and inclusion in menus
  • Updating of Dublin Core models


08 June 2016

  • StatsWales API compatibility
  • Another round of translations
  • NAW Regions and Constituencies 2016 boundary changes


10 May 2016

  • MapMyData XLSX importing
  • MapMyData styling
  • MapMyData rendering
  • MapMyData point data
  • Backend tooling - SQLExplorer
  • National Assembly for Wales data importing


19 April 2016

  • Language support
  • Assorted bugfixes


11 April 2016

  • Screenshot options
  • Extra options when importing data from CSV


16 March 2016

  • Much better side panel for properly showing layer data
  • Tidying up the install process
  • Rearranging the page ordering logic, cleanup for major v3.5 release


17 February 2016

  • Shapefile importing, DB tables and models better defined and matched


08 February 2016

  • Layers can be referenced by UUID


04 February 2016

  • Better legends
  • Secondary data GUI options


19 January 2016

  • API (using Django Rest Framework) and documentation
  • Significant code refactoring


06 January 2016

  • Cookies to store user options
  • Considering access rules, user groups etc


14 December 2015

  • Beginning work for the National Assembly for Wales
  • NAW key datasets added


07 December 2015

  • More error catching


02 December 2015

  • Mapping non-string values
  • Error catching with null or invalid data
  • Layer info pane


24 November 2015

  • Local data rendering on map
  • Choropleth colours and settings


24 November 2015

  • Local data rendering on map


17 November 2015

  • Rerun previous remote data layers
  • Access remote data CSV


23 October 2015

  • Qualitative data models
  • Remote data from Nomis requested using requried options and variables
  • Futher movement to new data models, data linkages clarified
  • Futher GUI refinements
  • Welcome, event and user profile pages

v3.0 pre-alpha

September 2015

  • ShapeFiles understood by the system for data/ boundary importing
  • Remote data search from Nomis
  • General work to clarify how layers are stored, modeled, requested, rendered and GUI options displayed.

v3.0 pre-alpha

August 2015

  • GeoJson from DB data, to leaflet layer
  • Mapping GUI, leaflet
  • Correct use of Django models for spatial data searches
  • Begin to move to new Django models

v3.0 pre-alpha

11-15 July 2015

  • Viewing survey questions
  • Survey Dublin Core, Survey Metadata
  • Results metadata
  • Linking of questions from old database
  • Spatial search results

v3.0 pre-alpha

08 July 2015

  • Initial commit of v3 of the DataPortal
  • Now in Python Django
  • JQuery, JQueryUI
  • Leaflet, Mapbox

~1.5 year break ...


December 2nd, 2013

  • Tidying up for development hiatus
  • Addition of this information to welcome screen (data taken from github commit logs)
  • Bug fixes


November 13th, 2013

  • Reads and displays response tables from database metadata
  • Increase metadata access through linking of orphaned metadata IDs
  • Early stages of ONS API integration
  • Bug fixes


October 7th, 2013

  • Huge update to database access security and speed
  • Qualitative data tagging added to Data Entry tools
  • Review of APIs used to generate Qual metadata
  • Increase database continuity and metadata mapping connectivity
  • Bug fixes


August 6th, 2013

  • New Data Entry toolkit developed and embedded within the DataPortal
  • User and Project Management GUI panel added
  • Yii RBAC (role based access control) added to the back-end
  • Bug fixes


June 4th, 2013

  • Database query efficiencies
  • Remote data from Neighbourhood Statistics
  • Updates to advanced search speed, relevance and pagination of results
  • Analysis of Database consistency issues
  • Bug fixes


April 12th, 2013

  • GeoPortal -> DataPortal rebranding
  • Increased brower compatibility
  • Bug report and sign-up emails
  • Advanced search added
  • Remote data feed from NomisWeb added
  • Matching of local WISERD metadata to remote datasets
  • SLD layer icons and legend creation and rendering
  • Bug fixes


Feb 16th, 2013

  • A complete rewrite of the back end to use Yii
  • User registration and login fixed
  • Search efficiency optimised
  • Logging added
  • Updated OpenLayers to v2.12
  • Account and Password management updated
  • Bug fixes

v0.1 alpha

Early 2012

  • The initial release of the WISERD GeoPortal at University of Glamorgan

Statistical Geographies